Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Well Halloween has come and gone. I enjoyed seeing all the ghost and goblins at my door. I had a lady dressed up as a cow girl pulling a wagon with her children in it, her two year boy as a cow boy and her one year old as a cow. They were adorable! I had some cute little witches and a grown man with a treat bag. He was with his kids and he said , he was really a kid but he was transported from his planet to observe this holiday and it has aged him. What a story to get some candy! He He! It's great to see everyone out and having fun. I carved a pumpkin and I decorated my porch with mums and pumpkins and some ghost and pumpkin lights. I had three tombstones in the yard. I also sprayed a christmas tree black and decorated that. I was inspired by Chris Klingler of (CK Designs) tree he made last year. It's not as big or beautiful as yours Chris. :)


Stressed Signs by Shari said...

Your Halloween tree turned out so cute, I love it. You changed your blog picture to a winter one since you were here tonight. It looks good. Thanks for hanging out today, it was fun.

Designs by CK said...

Hey Leah!!!

Glad you had FUN at Halloween and your tree looked GREAT!!!

Glad I inspired you. '-)

Your winter blog makeover looks wonderful too.

Have a great week lady! :-)


Leah's Art Magic said...

Thanks Shari!

I did some Photoshop magic!
I had fun too! We must plan another outing soon!


Leah's Art Magic said...

Thanks Chris!
I still need to make some ornies for it! I got lots of ooos and ahhhs from guests.


Marie Patterson Studio said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting about my little video....glad you enjoyed!

p.s. I'm adding you to my blog list.

Carolee said...

Love the tree!! Also love the new blog look. Sounds like a fun Halloween!! :)

~ Carolee

Robert said...

So sad I did not win the candlesticks! Love the snowflakes!The paper behind my window is Target wrapping paper that I found in the dollar bins last year. It is a short roll, but goes on forever because of its thickness! Keep dropping by-see our first decorated tree this year and more!! Robert Hallo?~I mean Christmas Fantaic!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.