Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Glad the New year is here!

OK, this Christmas was the worst on record for my family and I am so glad it's over! We were just going to have a nice stay at home Christmas. Hmmm... let's see where to begin....

My mother was hospitalized with near kidney failure on Christmas eve ( I stayed with her at the hospital through Christmas and the day after) My mother's birthday was Christmas.

My teenage daughter had food poisoning on Christmas eve. ( I wasn't with her I was at the hospital with my mother.)

Our rental property flooded two days before Christmas.( No, our insurance didn't cover it.)

My son's car broke down on the freeway two days before Christmas and my daughter was with him, they waited for three hours for a tow truck, in heavy snow. ($1,400.00 and five days later his car was fixed.)

We had our car up for sale and we sold it the day before Christmas. ( SO now we have no car only our small pick-up truck. (It isn't front or 4 wheel drive, too bad my son's car died.)

I brought my mother home from the hospital and took care of her for three more days and went home exhausted. The next day I came down with the flu.

Oh we had a grand Christmas!

I feel blessed that every one is healthier now. We still have unopened presents and the tree is still up. It certainly will be a Christmas we won't forget. My husband joked, "Maybe next year we should just go somewhere and not have Christmas". Then he saw my face and said "Or not".


Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...


Leah...I'm so glad that Christmas is over for you too! Holy Cow!!! And you'right...that's one you'll never forget!

I'm happy all is better now...and may 2009 bring more postive times!


Designs by CK said...

Hi Leah ~ I am SO sorry to hear about your family's misfortune this past Christmas. Hope you are well & 2009 will be a MUCH better year for you & your gang!!!


Carolee said...

OMG, Leah!! Sending {{{hugs}}} and wishes that 2009 is much better!!

~ Carolee

Leah's Art Magic said...

Thank you Joycee, Chris. and Carolee for the well wishes and hugs for the New Year! It's easy to get your mind in a negitive place, thanks for all your positve support!
Hugs back at you!


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Yikes is right!!! Poor Leah, 2009 has to be better and I am sending you positive thoughts and prayers!!!

Leah's Art Magic said...

Thanks so much Laurie!
Onward we go! Glad it's behind me! Whew!


Stressed Signs by Shari said...

I'm glad everyone is better and you have wheels again, can't wait to see the new car. It's scary when you don't have a car and something happens. Did your mom ever get all those gifts opened? I probably should go help her get them all taken care of and put away.

Leah's Art Magic said...

Hi Shari,
I e-mailed you!
Thanks for all the food at the hospital and the pillow and the blanket! You are such a good friend.:) That Christmas breakfast your husband cooked was excellent!
Thank you SO much!

vintagepaletteart said...

Wow Leah..................That was a lot to have to cope with in one weeks time and Christmas to boot! I'm so glad that your mom is home, your daughter is better and that you are feeling better too! We had that nasty flu her also........it's no fun at all! Your poor daughter with food poisoning!! I'm so glad that she didn't have to be hospitalized! That can be some nasty stuff.

Here's to a better 2009!

Leah's Art Magic said...

Thanks Lori,
Yes, we are all feeling better now thank goodness! I felt like I was in a nightmare before Christmas, during and after! I am laughing to keep from crying, really.
2009 has to be better!


Fiona Whitehead said...

Oh no - sounds like a horrendous time - no wonder you were glad when it was over - hope 2009 proves to be non-eventful for you!