Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cooler Days

The weather has changed here in the valley. I woke up and the clouds have moved in and it's raining very softly. I'm all cozy here in my studio with my dogs, they are curled up in their bed snoozing. My Boston has the loudest snore! Time to put the tea kettle on. I'll take a break and decide which tea I'll
have, lets see....Chocolate caramel enchantment chai, Mango Darjeeling, Himalayan apple spice, Tension Tamer -a.k.a.  Dragon Tea (to our family), Passion tea, Goji berry pomegranate or Perfectly pear? Hmmmm..... I think I'm feeling like the Dragon Tea combined with Perfectly pear and a little honey. Have I mentioned I like tea?

My flowers are loving this rain. I also had a visitor in my garden and he jumped on me and I nearly fell over! I love that color of green!

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