Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some goodies came for me today!

I was SO excited!
My mail man brought me a couple of wonderful things today! I entered a contest that Len Bentham, Lori Rudolph of Retro Rudolphs, and Amelia Schaefer ~ Sweet B Folk Art  put on awhile back called Trick or Treat Street. I won Len's beautiful puzzles and the thaumatrope! Wonderful piece's Len! Treasures all of them! A big thanks to all of you for putting on such a grand giveaway!

I entered another giveaway by Eleanor Burian-Mohr-Cornerstoregoddess and won some beautiful earrings! Green my favorite color!

So enter those giveaways when you find them, you just might win!


Halloween Fanatic said...

Gosh, I cannot wait until my goodies arrive from Len! How cool! Robert :)

Len said...

Thank-you for the kind words. Trick or Treat Street was so much fun for me as well. Enjoy your prizes. I love the thaumatrope!